Your Message Matters!


"I started working with Diane when I was preparing a speech for a meeting I was attending. She helped me organize my thoughts and pull together the key points I wanted to focus on. My audience was inspired and I felt great. Diane's help was priceless."

Cindi Valverde, Employment Recruiter

"Diane has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of what I want to say with an almost telepathic clarity. I was confused about how to put together my Mission Statement. By asking me a few of the right questions, she was able to compose it in a fraction of the time it would've taken me to do it on my own, and I'm certain it wouldn't have turned out anywhere near as awesome. She's amazing."

Maria Mazzi, Yoga Therapist

"Diane is truly a "Word Wizard" and brilliant. Diane worked with me express my Mission Statement in a captivating and compelling way. It was fun to work with Diane. I gained clarity about who my ideal clients are and the confidence in presenting my programs and services. I now love going to business networking meetings. My Mission Statement makes people want to know more."
Elizabeth Bone, Tapping Into Wealth Coach

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"I've called Diane many times to help me fine tune my marketing copy. I don't like to write and it continues to be a challenge for me to come up with ideas and put them into words. She always comes through with creativity and humor. Diane is my go-to gal for all my marketing copy. Words just roll off her tongue. I am clear with my messaging now because of the work we do together. She always helps me find my voice and see the bigger picture. The right copy is crucial and Diane is the right person to help you fine tune your message."                                                                                                

Frances Soda, Confidence For Life                                                                                                    

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"Diane helped me to formulate a clear and powerful message. She put me in touch with the purpose of my business and helped formulate a clear and powerful message. I have more confidence to speak to my ideal customers and communicate why I'm so passionate about empowering women. Diane saw my vision and came up with a personal title for me that has caught on like wildfire in the marketplace and it is now my brand. I now stand out for who I am and what I offer and people remember me. It's very exciting and I know that this clarity is going to increase my profits."

Andrea Geisinger, Anti-Aging Expert

​​Diane Kluft