Your Message Matters!


​​Diane Kluft



I get asked this question from business owners all the time. The answer is yes and no.

​As a business owner, before you have a message you can shout from the marketplace rooftops, you have to know what you're selling, and who's buying and why.  

If you're not sure and you find yourself waiting for a sign, you might be waiting for a long time, and in the meantime you won't have any business for your business. Likewise, if you are going out into the marketplace on a wing and a prayer, you'll find slim pickins there too.

At this juncture, I always suggest working with a business coach who can help you chart a path the big WHY you're in business in the first place. 

​Working with a business coach at this juncture is a smart move to help you figure out who you want to work with and what you have to offer. Only then can you and the messaging fairy get to work crafting results-driven marketing specifically designed for your perfect customers.


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