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​​Diane Kluft


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​During our 45-60 minute phone conversation we will discuss your current copywriting challenges and I will give you my recommendation for the next best step for you to take. If you feel called to take the next best step with me, Hallelujah! It would be an honor to work messaging magic with you. If not you will leave with a ton of value.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​A  champion Word Wizard since birth, Diane breathes new life into your message, your story and your bank account. She helps you  identify your ideal client, speak their language in all of your marketing, and inspire them to say yes to themselves and to working with you. The right words have the power to do that.

At the tender age of 21 Diane made her editorial debut at New York's Institute For World Order, editing a 450-page book entitled Creating The Future: A Guide To Peace Studies in Colleges and Universities which garnered rave reviews from Random House Publishers. There she was, in fine print and she knew a writing career was definitely in her future.

Diane made her way into the coaching industry transitioning from a 20-year massage therapy career that spanned the globe. There she met coaches, holistic practitioners, and entrepreneurs from every niche who needed help writing and speaking about their businesses in a clear, compelling and profitable way. Word got out (pun intended) that she was the best gal for the job, and her business was born.

Diane has a hype-free, no cookie-cutter approach to writing great content that moves people.  People are craving inspiration, so let's inspire them with unique content that gets them excited to work with you.

Diane calls beautiful Northern California home-base. She works with clients world-wide from a broad spectrum of industries, individually and in group programs, in person and via phone or Skype. She likes to say, "Your words are in good hands with me."